Truth and Perception

Sometimes it amazes me, the incredible arrogance of our intellect. As if our thoughts create reality. There is Truth and then there is Perception. Truth is what it is, but Perception is what we think Truth is. And we think that what we perceive Truth to be is the way Truth really is. Though Truth never changes, Perception does, and the vigilant will quickly realize how transient and impaired our finite grasp of real reality is within ourselves. And thus, before we can discover Truth, we must find unerring Perception. If our feeble attempts at Perception quickly become exposed as theory and opinion, then authority can only be found outside ourself in Knowledge, which is an understanding of Truth. We cannot generate Knowledge. Therefore, we cannot find Truth in its ultimate and purest state: Truth must be given to us. Who will give us Truth?

We look no farther that the Bible where we find Jesus proclaimed as The Word, the very embodiment of Knowledge. We also see Jesus defining Himself as The Truth. We ask ourself, is this a legitimate claim? The answer is a resounding affirmative since in Genesis we see Jesus making everything. God was, and then He created. God made reality and truth and therefore is intimately qualified to act as the supreme interpreter. Just as truth is unusable without being perceived and perception is dangerous unless it accurately reflects truth, so correct understanding is able to unlock the mysteries of life and allow us to live purposefully and meaningfully.

And so, we must endeavor to lay aside our own thinking and the philosophies of man which surround us and immerse ourselves in the knowing instructions of our Creator contained in the Bible. What a marvelous Book, with principles that even a child can live by and the answers to mysteries that have confounded geniuses for millennia.

In order to believe something, I don’t need it to be easy or fair or even common-sensical, I just need it to be true, because my life depends on it.