Tuesday September 5, 2006

Surfing is a blast. Faas and I drove all thursday night and arrive in San Diego at my grandparent’s house on Friday morning. We spent the day doing various fun things like seeing Balboa Park and doing trick jumps off the diving board. Saturday we went surfing. It’s a little like snowboarding, except on a melted mountain, and some other differences. It’s not really hard. And it doesn’t hurt very much if you fall. But it’s pretty easy. I had a blast. Sunday, instead of going to Tijuana like we had planned, we went surfing again. Today I celebrated Labor Day by driving 8 and a half hours straight to set a new personal record, beating the old one by 5 hours. Surfing is so fun. I wish I had some pictures of me tearing up the waves. My second day I had this first-timer from Austria asking me for tips. I gave him all I knew. Anyway, this picture of me airsurfing will have to do. Ryan Originally posted at classicalRyan.xanga.com